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How to learn any language in six months [Chris Lonsdale]

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5 Principles

1. Focus on language content that is relevant to you. 

자기와 관계있는 내용위주로 할것

2. Use your new language as a tool to communicate from day 1.

첫날부터 바로 사용해 볼것

3. When you first understand the message, you will unconsciously acquire the language.

이해를 해야 무의식적으로 배우게 된다.

4. Physiological Training

말해라, 들어라

5. Psycho-physiological state matters

심리적인, 신체적인 마인드가 중요

7 Actions

1. Listen a Lot. It doesn't matter if you understand or not.

많이 들어라

2. Focus on getting the meaning first. (Before the words). Use patterns (body language) already you know.

문장을 몰라도 이해하려고 노력해라

3. Start mixing (10 verbs x 10 nous x 10 adjectives = 1000 possible phrases)


4. Focus on the core (Use High Frequency Language)

Week 1 - What is this?, ...

Week 2-3 - You, I, that, this, ...

Week 4 - But, And, ...

많이 쓰는 거에 집중해라

5. Get a language parent

편하게 대화할 사람이 필요

6. Copy the Face


7. Direct connect to Mental Images

단어가 아닌 이미지로 형상화 해라.

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